Skull Concept was born out of the meeting of the minds between Valerie and Benjamin. One is a Sunday handy(wo)man, a painter and seamstress on Saturdays and a jack-of-all-trades the rest of the week.
The other is an event organizer, networker and catalyst of human encounters.

It all started with Valerie using her own design of a scull to make cushions out of multiple materials and fabrics in this form, which she distributed to her circle of friends, who then distributed it to their circle of friends, and so on...
This success brought about the idea of organizing their efforts differently so Benjamin suggested they bring various artists together to make a network of artists creating works inspired by the theme of our original skull form design in order to create all sorts of new objects in both limited and numbered series.

Our goal is to give everyone unique creations of quality, which are locally produced where possible and commit to an ethical production in cases where the objects cannot be manufactured in France or Europe.